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Leadership can create a culture of sustainability.  Leadership can also set a zero carbon goal.


Offices are located in the basement of the ideal facility so that the clinical areas, on higher floors, are protected from flooding.


Identifying champions and leaders will be of vital importance to reach sustainability goals. Sustainability and climate leadership can be included in Strategic Plans and expanded upon in site Sustainability Plans.

Green teams can help carry out sustainable and climate smart actions. Under this category we

discuss a few stories and resources for leadership in sustainability.

The National Health System in England is considered to be the gold standard in pursuing a Zero Carbon goal.   Here is their plan: Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service

Leadership Roles

Every health care facility needs a leadership role to oversee sustainability.

Here is a video about leadership in the Ottawa region.

We also have a PEACH byte infographic about various roles in Ontario.


What does a chief sustainability officer do?

Forming a green team

Every health care facility needs a champion to lead a green team (or green teams) and partner with the sustainability lead.  We interviewed the Toronto General OR Green Team and share their story in this PEACH Byte infographic.


10 tips for a successful green team

Email for information about attending a surgical Green Team meeting

Learn about Green Teams:


How can you successfully push for climate action at your facility, or in the health care system?Read the PEACH byte!


Letter to the government regarding the climate crisis.

Financial Divestment

Do you know which industries your pension is supporting?


How to protect your pension and the planet.

Social Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity and diversity issues are relevant in all sustainability discussions.   Climate change has a greater negative impact on marginalized communities, both locally and globally.


Access to health care in remote, northern communities.

Insights on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Green hospital winners

Several hospitals have won CCGHC awards.   Read more on the Canadian Coalition for Green Health care website below.


Green Hospital Scorecard winners -  pages 13 + 14


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